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      天成木門The day becomes the wooden door


      廣告語:天成臻美 尚品佳作The day became reaches US still the excellent work


      企業簡介Enterprise synopsis




      Anshan day becomes the family profession is fair research and development, the production is a body's upscale room gate large-scale specialty Production enterprise. The company introduces Italy, Germany, Taiwan and so on developed country and the local sophisticated equipment, fulfils exactly the ISO9001:2000 international quality control system to carry on the management; And converged the technical personnel who and the domestic outstanding research and development personnel is engaged in many year wooden door productive work, guarantees the product design and the function unceasing renewal and the enhancement, so that better satisfies the user community the demand.

      The day becomes the family profession take “unitizing, the standardization, the specialization” as the main body, the making well-known brand; Take “the service society, benefits the society” as company's operational policy; “Reveres by the guest head of household, the pursue is remarkable, the ability and wisdom life, the steady management” for company's management idea, become the enterprise survival by “the perfect technology and the high quality product” the capital, passes through many years to cause the product sale network to spread each big city and the area diligently, not only obtains industry in high praise, simultaneously also becomes the high quality famous family which the populace trust。

      The day will become the family profession by the design idea which will firm will innovate the ice-cold wooden door to deduct into the lifelike entrance art. We believed that regardless of the time how vicissitude, the day does become the family profession by the innovative spirit which develops unceasingly, will certainly to continue to eagerly anticipate the wooden door the fashionable tide.





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